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Our Go Do (Bucket) list

By February 17, 2013Fun

Almost every body has a bucket list of some sort. Not everyone writes it down but you’ll always hear people say “…that’s on my bucket list”. Since I don’t necessarily care for the title of “bucket list” we decided to call it our “Go Do” list! If you don’t have a list already, you should start one. Writing down on paper the things you want to do and accomplish in life can be very powerful. Not to mention, it’s fun to dream and even more fun to actually cross something off that list! Although our Go Do list is mainly travel related goals, I’d encourage also set some personal, relational, spiritual, and financial goals as well.

We have already been blessed with the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. Checking things off our list marks moments in our lives that are a gift from God and something we do not want to ever take for granted or forget about. I enjoy looking at this list and being reminded of how amazing life really is.

Check out our fullĀ GO DO LIST here. We hope it INSPIRES you!

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We also have a list of some of the top destinations we hope to visit someday…

South China Sea


Sri Lanka



Easter Island


Monte Carlo



Bora Bora



New Zeland







What about you? What’s on your list!?

Leave a comment below to let us know and get started making your Go Do list today!

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